Create single and double doors in AutoCAD

Single and double door utility
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Single and double door utility

Create single and double doors in AutoCAD

Draw doors and trim within wall …

Create a single and double doors at any angle. Walls are automatically trimmed as door inserts into wall.
See also PDF on how to create a door and tag

This AutoCAD add-on will also insert a door tag automatically – plus the door label created also retains size in feet, inches and fractional inches as block attributes.

Breaks the wall and inserts tag!

  • “Breaks” the wall and draws doors with end caps.
  • Inserts door tag
  • Easily customize the tag if desired
  • Draws single and double doors at any angle
  • Creates 2” deep jambs, 1 ¾” deep door leaves, swinging arcs.
  • Includes circular shape door tag insertion.
  • For pair of doors, in case the leaves have different size, the routine allows the user to specify the size of the active leaf.
  • Allows you to insert doors, jambs and symbol on different layers.
  • Supports Metric and Imperial (Standard US)
  • Runs in latest version of AutoCAD

Creates block attributes – easily customizable

This door routine also inserts a circular shape tag (defined in dr-type.dwg) which contains attributes such as door tag (typed by the user) and door width (in feet, inches and fractional inches) automatically typed.
This block contains AutoCAD attributes which can be extracyed with outside reporting software (not included). The user can also customize and edit the tag shape simply by redefining the dwg file. The text size of the door label is set for working drawings on a scale of ¼”=1’. The text font can be set using the Autocad Text Style dialog box.