Structural Steel Blocks Library contains over 1050 symbols, all of which comply with the appropriate AISI, AISC or ANSI standard.

Steel shape symbols for AutoCAD

  • Library contains over 1050 symbols
  • All symbols comply with the appropriate AISI, AISC or ANSI standard
  • Included pull down menu selection of symbols
  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2019 and AutoCAD LT 2019 (and earlier versions)
  • ANSI Prototype Drawings Provided
  • Rapid retrieval of previously selected symbol
  • Add-on menus used to avoid conflict with previous menu customization

The Structural Steel Block Library is compatible with AutoCAD R14 to 2019, and AutoCAD R14 to LT2019 – Sorry early versions of AutoCAD and LT prior to AutoCAD R1 and AutoCAD LT95 versions are not supported.

About the Structural Steel Blocks

The dimensions used to develop the steel symbols library were extracted from the 2nd edition of the AISC Manual of Steel Construction. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but in some instances fillet dimensions are not defined in the AISC Manual. It is recommended that if these dimensions are critical, reference should be made to the certified dimension sheet obtainable from the steel shape manufacturer.

Pull down menus are provided and work well with any prior menu customization and toolbar settings in AutoCAD.

All sections are drawn as Wblocked polylines on Layer 0. Centerlines (where possible) are drawn on a separate layer and can be turned off if desired.

Recently updated:

Compatibility with the new Autodesk ‘Customer User Interface’ (cui) menu format
Compatibility with AutoCAD R14 to AutoCAD LT 2019
Compatibility with AutoCAD R14 to AutoCAD Release 2019

The steel library includes:

  • 296 – Wide Flange (W) shapes from W4 x 13 to W44 x 335
  • 28 – I-Beam (S) shapes from S3 x 5.7 to S24 x 121
  • 28 – Channel (C) shapes from C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50
  • 33 – Misc. Channel (MC) shapes from MC6 x 12 to MC18 x 58
  • 94 – Square Hollow (H) sections from H1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 30 x 5/8
  • 202- Rectangular Hollow (H) sections from H2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 24 x 1/2
  • 277 – Pipe sections from 1/8 x Sch.5 to 60 x Sch.XH and 8 x Sch.XXH
  • 122 – Angle (L) shapes from L2 x L2 x 1/8 to L9 x 4 x 5/8