Create 3D Stairs in AutoCAD 2000-2019! With this AutoCAD add-on you can Design a Spiral Stair in just a few seconds!

Video above shows how easy it is to create a spiral stair in AutoCAD®.

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Features & Tips:

  • Includes 10 styles of balusters
  • Choose from 3 styles of tread supports
  • Specify 3 types of treads
  • Choose 2 sizes of handrails
  • You can set a riser closure
  • Comes with a settings chart
  • Options for post diameter and maximum riser height
  • Each element has its unique layer
  • Choose between Metric (m, cm and mm) and Imperial units
  • Creates a 3D model suitable for rendering
  • Imperial and Metric Graphical Tutorials
  • AutoCAD 2000 – 2015 and ADT compatible
  • D-SpiralStair-1-4-imp
  • D-SpiralStair-2-4-imp
  • D-SpiralStair-3-4-imp
  • D-SpiralStair-4-4-imp
  • s-rectangle
  • Foil-wrapped
  • Spanish-colonial-SQR-Mix
  • Techno


Easy to use with pulldowns!

We’ve recently updated this stair utility for AutoCAD 2015. This is an Autolisp (FAS) application which allows you to build 3D spiral stairs with center post, post plate, tread supports, balusters, landing, and optional riser closure.

With the pulldown menus you can set different alternatives of tread, tread support, baluster style and post diameter and then select Build Spiral Stair.

At the command prompt you’ll see number of risers, final riser height, height from tread 1 to tread above, and xy plane landing angle. All you need to set is floor height and stair diameter and then sit back and watch the stair being built in seconds.

Choose from 10 attractive architectural styles, several post diameters. You can also set a maximum riser height and let the program calculate the best configuration for your project.

3D Spiral Stair is also available for metric and imperial units. A graphical tutorial is available for download. With your purchase you’ll receive a panorama of a spanish style stair sample to get you started.