AutoCAD Hatch Patterns - contains 40+ patterns for AutoCAD & LT

Hatch Patterns For AutoCAD
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Hatch Patterns For AutoCAD

This popular AutoCAD hatch pattern library contains an many patterns! After an easy installation you will see all of them listed within the “Custom” hatch pattern option.    

Compatible with AutoCAD and LT too!

Stay tuned for additional hatch patterns to come.

A partial drop down menu is also supplied so that every hatch pattern can be accessed quickly. We also furnished the hatch patterns as separate .PAT files as well for further customization.

The library includes a wide variety of architectural and other various hatch patterns types. Also included with the library are five AutoCAD drawings that depict every AutoCAD hatch pattern within the library.

Hatch Pattern Features

  • Contains our best selling Hatch Patterns
  • Tested in AutoCAD  & AutoCAD LT
  • Tested in AutoCAD for Mac
  • Runs in every version of AutoCAD
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Instant Download

**For either AutoCAD Full or any AutoCAD vertical.

Future versions will includes new architectural patterns plus many other geologic patterns.

Why buy from us? Patterns deliver immediately! We also free lifetime unlimited phone support and can get you setup very quickly with your hatch pattern installation. Your existing hatch patterns will remain intact and the new library will be added to a custom pull-down.

Hatch pattern testimonial

“These are very high-quality hatch patterns with great supporting materials and documentation. At this low price, they’re a great bargain. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a good assortment of hatch patterns.”

Instant download!

After your purchase goes through you will be able to immediately download the package. The hatch patterns library is very easy to install too! – Read the installation overview below.

How to install the Hatch Patterns

Installing your Hatch Patterns is very simple. Detailed instructions are included with your order. A Hatch directory is copied to your hard disk, then this directory then must be added to the AutoCAD search path using the AutoCAD Config command. Simply access the patterns loaded using the AutoCAD Hatch or H command.            

See video on how to install the patterns. But if you need live help we are here to help.

Note: The AutoCAD display does not always show some of the dense or detailed patterns correctly. Feel free to print the patterns in the screenshots above for easy reference and they show all of the patterns along with pattern names, or you may view the swatches within AutoCAD.

Additional Licensing only $5 for each copy!

This software is intended for use on one (1) computer/workstation only. We offers substantial discount prices for multiple copies or site licenses. Each additional copy of Hatch Patterns are only $5.00. Simply add the copies you desire at checkout and a discount will be calculated for you per copy.

Product is sent via email immediately after ordering. The license is yours for life.