Build 3D Ramps in AutoCAD with Helical Ramp, a powerful and very easy to use 3d AutoCad add-on. Recently updated for AutoCAD.

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Create a complete 3D Helical Ramp which includes parking ramps, sidewalls, landing bridge and center shaft. You have full control over the output.

Builds a 3D Ramp using just 4 parameters!

  • Height per revolution
  • Landing height
  • Inner radius
  • Ramp width

This is a simple AutoCAD Addon that will allow you to build a 3d ramp in seconds!

3D Ramp Features

  • Creates 3D Parking Ramps inside AutoCAD
  • Newly updated for AutoCAD 2000 – 2019
  • Supports Metric and Imperial units
  • Final model is ready for rendering
  • Each ramp element has a unique layer
  • Ships with Graphical Tutorials

3D Helical Ramp is a powerful and very easy to use add-on for AutoCad, ADT and up.

Extract your data from 3D Ramp

After the ramp has been modeled, you can extract information for the design stages, such as ramp slope, length per revolution, total ramp length and xy plane landing position. From this data you can also try different slope alternatives by changing inner radius and/or height per revolution inputs.

You can also get the volume of each element by means of the “Massprop” AutoCAD command.

Create a cross section of your 3D ramp

Should you need a cross section, just join together all elements with the “Union” command, draw a rectangle on the Front UCS and then use the “Slice” AutoCAD command.

With your purchase you’ll receive a detailed instructions and an interactive panorama of a ramp sample.