3D Helical Stair is a plugin for AutoCAD that builds circular stairs. The AutoCAD add-in is an easy to use Autolisp (FAS) application that has a dialog interface allowing you to draw stairs quickly! Our Helical Stair add-on for AutoCAD will draw hundreds of different 3D stair models all within AutoCAD.

draw circular stairs in AutoCAD

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3D Circular Stair Features

  • Simple to use dialog box where you can define : Tread depth, Landing height, Inner radius, Stair width and Max. riser height.
  • Five stair design parameters to choose from.
  • Draws railing, balusters and much more.
  • Each stair element has its unique layer.
  • Supports Imperial and Metric Units
  • Creates a 3D model suitable for rendering.
  • Includes tutorials to get your off to a quick start.
  • AutoCAD 2000 thru 2019 and ADT compatible.
  • Also supports non-English versions of AutoCAD.

In addition it also adds fancy handrails and tread finishes in just a few clicks. You will be amazed at the complexity of the 3D stair models you can create!

How this stair plugin works!

Watch the stair being built in seconds performing the following tasks:

After loading AutoCAD and starting the Circular Stair Add-on, a dialog box allows the user to see all calculation results before executing the OK button. Simply define the number of risers, final riser height, 2 risers + 1 tread values, XY plane landing angle, total length, Height/revolution, and tread angle, then click the “Do Calc” button.

Choosing different stair parameters gives you the possibility to draw hundreds If you need to create a cross section of your circular stair, just join together all elements with the AutoCAD “Union” command, and then use the “Slice” command to view the end cut.

With your purchase you’ll also receive an interactive panorama of a stair sample and detailed installation instructions.