Y32 Symbol Library - IEEE Std 315
Erik Z.

Y32 Symbol Library - IEEE Std 315

ANSI Electrical - Y32 - IEEE

y32-IEEE Std 315 Drawing - Our newly revised ANSI Standard Y32 symbols library for AutoCAD 2021 and earlier, contain Graphic Symbols for Electrical and Electronics Diagrams drawn using the latest industry specs. Designed to streamline your productivity - the library can create electrical schematic diagrams or electronic circuit drawings.  The ANSI Y32 is also referred to as the IEEE Std 315. A pulldown system is also included with the library. Blocks can be quickly inserted and rotated from the menus /thumbnails provided.

Examples of Y32 Symbols

  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors etc
  • Connectors and Terminals
  • Relays, rotary devices
  • Transformers
  • Switches , Pushbuttons
  • Measuring instruments and much more...

These are just a few examples found within our block library. For a visual demo visit our Electrical Symbols product page.

The Y32 library - complete bundle

For your conveneience we have bundled both the metric and imperial libraries together.The Y32 - IEEE Std 315  library is the U.S./ imperial version. A metric version named IEC 617 is also included. Both versions of  electrical blocks are essential the same except for the scaling. All blocks are drawing at a 1:1 scale and automatically insert after clicking the appropriate  thumbnail.Additionally you will find ANSI sheets sizes within the library to setup your project using just a few clicks.Releated Electrical Symbology: