What’s Inside? AutoCAD 2010 – A research paper on all the new features and changes found in Autodesk’s new AutoCAD 2010 software – by Ralph Grabowski

What’s Inside? AutoCAD 2010 gives you the only indepth review of AutoCAD 2010. This reference paper is available now, and is designed for you to evaluate the latest release of Autodesk’s flagship software. The software ship date is March 24; this reference paper shipped March 23.

  • Executive Overview
  • New commands and system variables
  • Undocumented command.
  • Changed commands and system variables
  • System, file, hardware, and other changes
  • Alphabetical summary of new commands and system variables
  • Over 200 illustrations in full color
  • Comparison of dialog boxes between AutoCAD 2009 and 2010
  • How to run AutoCAD 2010 on netbooks
  • Much more comprehensive than documents prepared by Autodesk

Whats new in AutoCAD 2010

This reference paper is delivered in PDF format. That makes for reading flexibility: view on-screen or print out on regular office paper. Quick, same-day delivery by email.

What’s Inside? AutoCAD 2010

Five chapters, one appendix, 130 pages, over 200 color illustrations, and 26,350 words.

Chapter 1 :
Executive Summary
Top 3 New AutoCAD 2010 Features: #1 — 2D Parametrics, #2 — 3D Mesh Modeling, #3 — Super Commands
3 Most Useful New Commands: #1 — Reverse, #2 — MeasureGeom, #3 — AutoConstrain.
3 Greatest Disappointments: #1 —User Interface Changes, #2 —Visual Basic for Applications Missing, #3 —Action Macros Uneditable
3 Most Intriguing Unannounced Features: #1 —-Export , #2 —Segment Editing, #3 —Illustrated Hatch Gaps
Future Releases: General Executive Statements, Autodesk’s Surveys, The AUGI Wishlist,

Chapter 2 :
New and Changed Commands and System Variables

3D Modeling: 3D Editing, 3dScale, 3dMove, 3dRotate, Creating Meshes, Mesh, MeshSPrimitiveOptions, EdgeSurf, RevSurf, RuleSurf, TabSurf, Mesh Editing, MeshCrease, MeshUncrease, MeshSmoothMore, MeshSmoothLess, MeshSplit, MeshRefine, Extrude, Editing Meshes via Solids, Chamfer, Fillet, SolidEdit, XEdges, Insersect, Subtract, Union, Flattening 3D Meshes, FlatShot, Section, SectionPlane, Slice, Converting objects To 3D Meshes, MeshSmooth, MeshOptions, Converting From 3D Meshes, ConvToSolid, ConvToSurface, Thicken, Surface Objects, Imprint, Interfere, -Interfere, Intersect, Subtract, Union, Section Planes, SectionPlane, SectionPlaneJog, SectionPlaneToBlock, SectionPlanSettings, Other, PressPull

Block Editor: BSettings, BActionBar, BConstruction, BCParameter, BTable, BTEstBlock

Constraints: Dimensional Constraints, DimConstraint, Parameters, -Parameters, ParametersClose, Geometric Constraints, AutoConstraint, GeomConstraint, DelConstraint, ConstraintBar, ConstraintSettings, +ConstraintSettings

Customization: Action Recorder, ActBasePoint, ActManager, ActRecord, ActUserInput, ActUserPrompt, CUI, CUI, CuiXList, CuiXCreate, CuiXAppend, Other, ^R, InitCommandVersion

Drawing and Editing: Drawing, Hatch, Insert, -Insert, Join, Editing , Explode, XPlode, MLeaderEdit, MLeaderStyle, Reverse, PEdit, Move, Rotate, Scale, SplinEdit, Other, MeasureGeom

Management: AdCenter, CustomerInvolvementProgram, Help, InitialSetup, Online License Transfer, Options, Seek, ShareWithSeek

Printing and Exporting: Printing and Publishing, Plot, Publish, -Publish, SheetSets, Archive, Sheetset, Opening and Saving, New, Open, QSave, Save, SaveAs, +SaveAs, eTransmit, OpenDwfMarkup, MarkUp, Importing and Exporting, AutoPublish, -Export, ExportDwf, ExportDwfx, ExportPdf, ExportSettings, StlOut, 3dPrint

Properties: Color, Layer, dbList, List, Properties, QuickProperties, QSelect, Filter, Point filters, Purge, -Purge

References: Super Commands, Attach, -Attach, ExternalReferences, Adjust, Clip, ULayers, Format-specific Commands, XAttach, DgnAttach, DgnClip, DwfClip, DxfOut, ImageAttach, ImageClip, PdfAttach, PdfAdjust, PdfClip, PdfLayers
Text and Dimensions, Text, TextEdit, MText, Table, Find, Spell
Dimensions: DimStyle
User Interface: Ribbon, Ribbon, +Ribbon, Application Menu, Quick Access Toolbar, Navigation, Icons, Layout Tabs, NavSWheel, NavVCube, QvDrawing, DvLayout, Palettes, Workspaces

Chapter 3 :
Alphabetical Summary of New and Changed Commands

Chapter 4 :
Alphabetical Summary of New and Changed System Variables

Chapter 5 :
System, File, and Other Changes

System Requirements, Running AutoCAD 2010 on Netbooks, New Terms, New Keyboard Shortcut, New AutoCAD-defined Names, New Cursor and Drawing Icons, New Grips, New Aliases, New File Types, New Macro Character

Appendix A
Development Code Names

About the author

Ralph Grabowski has authored and co-authored 100+ books on CAD management, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Generic CADD, IntelliCAD, MicroStation, TurboCAD, VDraft, Visio, HTML, and VRML. He is the editor of two e-newsletters, upFront.eZine and iCommunique , and maintains a Weblog at worldcadaccess.com/typepad.com

Mr Grabowski received his B.A.Sc (’80) degree in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia. He currently works and lives in the beautiful Central Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.