TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users – the transition e-book by ralph grabowski
TurboCAD for AutoCAD Users is the updated e-book for TurboCAD Professional 12 and AutoCAD 2007. Learn to use TurboCAD from the AutoCAD user’s perspective.

The 168-page PDF book features five lessons:

  • Setting Up 2D Drawings.
  • Inserting Objects.
  • Applying Finishing Touches.
  • 3D Design.
  • DWG Import & Export

The book provides you with:

  • Comparisons and contrasts between AutoCAD and TurboCAD.
  • Command cross-reference.
  • Jargon dictionary.
  • All illustrations in full color.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper.

Table of contents


What TurboCAD Offers the AutoCAD User, File Compatibility, The TurboCAD User Interface, Repeating Commands, Local Menus, Coordinate Bar, Inspector Bar, Palettes, Editing with Select Cursor, How TurboCAD Differs from AutoCAD, What’s Missing from TurboCAD, Jargon, TurboCAD Drawing Commands, Node Editing, What’s Unique to TurboCAD, Raster-to-Vector Conversion, Constraints, Mechanical Tools, Architectural Tools, Lower Price, When You Need More Help.

Chapter 1 — Setting Up Drawings

About the Tutorials, Starting AutoCAD, AutoCAD: Advanced Setup Wizard, Starting TurboCAD, TurboCAD: Page Setup Wizard, AutoCAD: Creating Layers, TurboCAD: Creating Layers, TurboCAD’s Property Toolbar, TurboCAD’s Layers, AutoCAD: Setting the Snap and Grid Spacing, TurboCAD: Setting the Snap and Grid Spacing, AutoCAD: Saving the Drawing, TurboCAD: Saving the Drawing, TurboCAD’s Snap Modes, Summary

Chapter 2 — Inserting Objects

Starting to Draw, AutoCAD: Drawing Construction Lines, TurboCAD: Inserting Construction Lines, AutoCAD: Drawing Rectangles, TurboCAD: Inserting Rectangles, AutoCAD: Drawing Circles, TurboCAD: Inserting Circles, AutoCAD: Copying and Mirroring Entities, TurboCAD: Copying and Mirroring Entities, AutoCAD: Drawing Arcs, AutoCAD: Drawing Lines, TurboCAD: Inserting Arcs, TurboCAD: Inserting Lines, AutoCAD: Filleting Corners, TurboCAD: Filleting Corners, AutoCAD: Making and Inserting Blocks, TurboCAD: Creating and Placing Blocks, AutoCAD: Changing Linetypes and Layers, TurboCAD: Changing Linetypes and Layers, TurboCAD’s Entity Styles, Summary.

Chapter 3 — Applying the Finishing Touches

Activities in this Lesson, Dimensioning with TurboCAD, AutoCAD: Drawing Dimensions, AutoCAD: Object Dimensions, TurboCAD: Inserting Dimensions, TurboCAD: Entity Dimensions, AutoCAD: Segment Dimensions, TurboCAD: Segment Dimensions, AutoCAD: Switching to Paper Space, TurboCAD: Switching to Paper Space, AutoCAD: Drawing Text, TurboCAD: Inserting Text, AutoCAD: Plotting Drawings, TurboCAD: Plotting Drawings, Summary.

Chapter 4 — 3D Design

AutoCAD: Preparing for, 3D Modeling, TurboCAD: Preparing for, 3D Modeling, AutoCAD: Simple Extrusion, TurboCAD: Simple Extrusion, AutoCAD: Extrusion of Regions, TurboCAD: Two-sided Extrusion of Compound Profiles, AutoCAD: Unioning and Subtracting Solids, TurboCAD: Adding and Subtracting Solids, AutoCAD: Model Assembly, TurboCAD: Model Assembly, AutoCAD: Filleting the Edges, TurboCAD: Blending the Edges, Summary.

Chapter 5 — DWG Import & Export

Accurate DWG Translation, Objects Changed from DWG, Formats Imported and Exported by TurboCAD, Importing AutoCAD Drawings, DWG File Import Options, Post-translation Checking, Exporting in DWG Format, DWG File Export Options, Embedding and Linking Objects, Inserting Objects, Summary.

Appendix A — Command Cross-reference

AutoCAD-TurboCAD Commands, Summary of AutoCAD Keyboard Shortcuts, Summary of TurboCAD Keyboard Shortcuts.

Appendix B — TurboCAD-AutoCAD Dictionary

About the author

Ralph Grabowski has authored and co-authored 100+ books on CAD management, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Generic CADD, IntelliCAD, MicroStation, TurboCAD, VDraft, Visio, HTML, and VRML. He is the editor of two e-newsletters, upFront.eZine and iCommunique , and maintains a Weblog at worldcadaccess.com/typepad.com

Mr Grabowski received his B.A.Sc (’80) degree in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia. He currently works and lives in the beautiful Central Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.