How do you translate AutoCAD drawing text from one language to another? There’s a hard way and then there’s an easy way. By using our powerful tool you can translate a series of drawings from one language to another without having to manually go through each file.

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Our AutoCAD Translator can wither work on individual file or in batch mode. Either way,, your AutoCAD drawings will be translated into your desired language using just a few steps. Supports AutoCAD 2008-2011, MS Access 2000 or newer is required.

Problems Translating AutoCAD On Your Own

Translating Drawings Manually Is A Pain!

  • Text can difficult to find on large AutoCAD drawings.
  • The translator must be familiar with AutoCAD terminology.
  • Error may occurs within BLOCK and ATTRIBUTES .
  • The translation procedure may be extremely slow.

Benefits Using Our Translator Tool

Automates the translation process!

  • A dedicated AutoCAD translator gets the work done quickly.
  • Your translated database (MS Access) runs outside of the AutoCAD.
  • New words get added to the database automatically.
  • Translated CAD drawings are produced in hours, not days.
  • The AutoCAD drawing is not compromised during or after the translation.

Translates AutoCAD in 2 ways

Translate a single drawing

With this routine you translate the active drawing, by typing in such translations that are not present in the applications dictionary database, or by requesting translations from the internet, or using a translation software, such as Systran, Trados or E-prompt.

Translate AutoCAD Drawings In Batch Mode

You can also translate a entire projects or folders of AutoCAD drawings. The application also enables the translation of all the drawings in a project with batch run. After the start, the application asks you to choose the drawings in a dialog box that displays the preview of the drawings.

The first run saves all the texts in the drawings that have no translations in the dictionary, in a new data- base, NewWords.mdb. This database should be translated manually, or using a translation tool, such as “Systran”, or using the internet.

When NewWords.mdb is translated, it can be added to the dictionary with a single command. The second run translates all the chosen drawings using the updated dictionary.