Create site surveys and stunning 3D terrain models inside AutoCAD or Bricscad with a single mouse click! This Terrain Modeling is developed by connecting the given survey points and forming triangles to create a surface model.

It’s a powerful Terrain Modelling Application to produce 3D site models from 2D site survey data.

Terrain can produce these models as polyface meshes or solids (including volumetric data).

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Terrain Modeling Features

  • Create surveys from scratch or instantly apply ‘intelligent’ markers to your existing survey points.
  • Convert almost any existing survey type such as 2D markers, blocks, points in 3D space, contour lines etc.
  • Move any markers in your drawing and their associated XYZ label automatically updates to reflect the new position!
  • Change the properties of intelligent markers to suit your company standards e.g. color, layer, text style etc.
  • Easily create impressive 3D surface terrains covering vast areas with one click. Ideal for visualization and land studies!
  • Using advanced algorithms, GlobalCAD Terrain can produce these models as a polyface mesh or solids.
  • Using polylines you can confine the terrain model to a given boundary line or isolate buildings and areas of water.
  • Conversion tools are available to instantly transform existing surface meshes to volumetric solid models.