Tailoring Dynamic Blocks 2010 is our extensively updated 116-page e-book on learning all about dynamic blocks and the Block Editor environment.
This update for AutoCAD 2010 includes:

  • All of the new commands and system variables.
  • New geometric and dimensional constraints.
  • New Block Test environment.
  • New Block Table feature.
  • New construction lines.
  • Updated screen grabs.
  • 48 added pages!

In addition, this 3rd edition of the ebook features even more step-by-step tutorials:

  • Your first dynamic block.
  • Dynamic blocks with geometric and dimensional constraints.
  • Using the new Block Table feature.
  • Created chained actions (by popular demand).

As in earlier editions, this e-book features:

  • Guided tour of Block Editor.
  • Commands specific to Block Editor.
  • Comprehensive parameter reference.
  • Catalog of dynamic blocks.
  • History of dynamic blocks.
  • Tutorials on creating dynamic blocks.
  • Dozens of tips.
  • Extensive documentation on related system variables.

As with all of our e-books:

  • All illustrations in full color.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper.
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching.

Table of contents

*[2010] indicates item new to AutoCAD 2010

chapter 1 – Introducing Dynamic Blocks

What’s New in AutoCAD 2010, Trying Out Dynamic Blocks, Multiple Dynamic Blocks, Reducing Grip Confusion, Parametric Dynamic Blocks [2010], Actions of Dynamic Blocks, The History of Dynamic Blocks, Summary of Parameters, Actions, and Options, Alignment, Basepoint, Flip, Linear, Point, Polar, Rotation, XY, Visibility, Lookup, Block Properties, Which Action? Which Parameter?, Block Editor Authoring Palettes, Summary of Block Editor Commands and System Variables

chapter 2 – Touring the Block Editor

Guided Tour of Block Editor, Block Editor Ribbon, Overview of Commands and System Variables Specific to Block Editor, External Commands, Internal Commands, Utility Commands, Parameter, Action, and Parametric Commands, Grips Commands, Visibility Commands, Attribute Command, Disabled Commands, Block Editor Settings [2010], Authoring Objects, Parameter and Grip Size, Parameter Font, Constraint Status, Miscellaneous Options, Block Test Window [2010], Construction Lines [2010], Block Properties Table [2010], Tutorial: Your First Dynamic Block

chapter 3 – Comprehensive Parameter & Action Reference

The BParameter and BAction Commands, Summary of Parameters, Options Common to All Parameters, Summary of Actions, Further Options, Point Parameter, Point |Move Action, Point | Stretch Action, Linear Parameter, Linear | Array Action, Linear | Move Action, Linear | Move Pair Action, Base and Value Set Options, Linear | Stretch Action, Linear | Stretch Pair Action, Linear | Scale Action, Polar Parameter, Polar | Array Action, Polar | Move Action, Polar | Move Pair Action, Polar | Polar Stretch Action, Polar | Scale Action, Polar |Stretch Action, Polar |Stretch Pair Action, About Pairs and Box Sets, XY Parameter, XY | Array Action, XY | Array Box Set Action, XY | Move Action, XY | Move Pair Action, XY | Move Box Set Action, XY | Scale Action, XY | Stretch Action, XY | Stretch Box Set Action, Rotation Parameter, Rotation | Rotate Action, Alignment Parameter, Flip Parameter, Flip | Flip Action, Visibility Parameter, Basepoint Parameter, Lookup Parameter, Lookup | Lookup Action, Lookup Syntax, Editing Parameters with the Properties Palette

chapter 4 – Geometric & Dimensional Constraints [2010]

About Geometric and Dimensional Constraints, Summary of Geometric Constrtiants, Tutorial on Constraints, Summary of Dimensional Constraints, Summary of Geometric Constraint Points, Applying Geometric Constraints Automatically, Dimensional Constraints in Block Editor, Tutorial on Constraints in Block Editor

chapter 5 – Block Editor Tutorials

Tips on Creating Dynamic Blocks, The Block Authoring Palette, Tips on Placing Parameters, Placing Actions, Viewing Relationships, Using Parameter Sets, Debugging Dynamic Blocks, Tutorial 1: Move-Point, A. Starting AutoCAD and Entering Block Editor, B. Assigning the Point Parameter, C. Assigning the Move Action, D. Testing the Dynamic Block, Tutorial 2: Stretch-Linear, A. Changing the Parameter Label, B. Using Ortho Mode, C. Double-click to Apply the Stretch Action, D. Testing the Dynamic Block, Tutorial 3: Rotate-Rotation, A. Using Parameter Sets, B. Attaching Objects to the Action, C. Editing Parameters with Properties to Restrict Movement, Tutorial 4: Alignment, A. Add the Alignment Action, B. Aligning Blocks to Objects, Tutorial 5: Flip-Flip, A. Entering Commands at the Keyboard, B. Adding the Flip Action, Tutorial 6: Visibility, A. Opening Drawings in Block Editor, B. Placing the Visibility States Parameter, C. The Visibility States Dialog Box, D. Name Dynamic Blocks Created from Drawings., Tutorial 7: Block Table [2010], A. Open Block Editor with No Block, B. Draw Dynamic “Clock” with Rotation, C. Insert Block Table and Fill It Up, D. Test the Block Table Action, Tutorial 8: Chaining Actions, A. Open Block Editor with a Dynamic Block, B. Add a Parameter to an Action’s Selection Set, C. Turn On the Chain Property, D. Test the Chain Action

appendix A
– Catalog of Sample Dynamic Blocks

appendix B – Comprehensive System Variable Reference Summary of System Variables

Block Editor Settings, SysVars External to Block Editor, BlockEditor System Variable, BlockEditLock System Variable, GripDynColor System Variable, SysVars Internal to Block Editor, BActionBarMode System Variable [2010], BActionColor System Variable, BConStatusMode System Variable [2010], DependencyHighlight System Variable, BGripObjColor System Variable, BGripObjSize System Variable, BlockTestWindow System Variable [2010], BParameterColor System Variable, BParameterFont System Variable, BParameterSize System Variable, BtMarkDisplay System Variable, BPTextHorizontal System Variable [2010], BVMode System Variable

About the author

Ralph Grabowski has authored and co-authored 100+ books on CAD management, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Generic CADD, IntelliCAD, MicroStation, TurboCAD, VDraft, Visio, HTML, and VRML. He is the editor of two e-newsletters, upFront.eZine and iCommunique , and maintains a Weblog at worldcadaccess.com/typepad.com

Mr Grabowski received his B.A.Sc (’80) degree in civil engineering from the University of British Columbia. He currently works and lives in the beautiful Central Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada.