AutoCAD LISP & Diesel book for programmers – contains eight clearly written chapters, 108 pages of invaluable content so that you can learn AutoLISP – DCL -Diesel language quickly.

How to learn LISP for AutoCAD

In depth tutorial about how to use DCL

This book will walk you through building your first Auto LISP program, plus features a detailed reference of LISP functions as well.

  • Introduction to the AutoLISP Language
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • How to write useful code w/ AutoLISP
  • What is DCL?
  • All about DCL tiles & attributes
  • Reference of AutoLISP functions
  • Understanding Diesel.
  • Using Diesel in menu & toolbars!
  • Using Diesel with AutoLISP

This book is suitable for all releases of AutoCAD and allows you to quickly learn AutoCAD programming and provides hands-on approach to AutoCAD Lisp, DLC and Diesel programing. You’ll get a a more in depth resource than what you get with Autodesk’s documentation with Tailoring AutoLISP .

Tailoring AutoLISP Chapter Overview:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Autolisp
  • Chapter 2: Your first Autolisp program
  • Chapter 3: Concise LISP Function Reference
  • chapter 4: Introduction to DCL
  • Chapter 5: DCL reference
  • Chapter 6: Introduction to Diesel
  • Chapter 7: Diesel in menus and Lisp
  • Chapter 8 — Scripts

AutoCAD Programming book’s features

  • All illustrations in full color.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper.
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching.