SteelPlus – Steel Detail Software for AutoCAD

Are you sick and tired of plodding through your structural drawings every day having to endlessly look for the right detail or maybe even redraw that same connection for the zillionth time?

The Steel Detailing Package includes 5 main modules, that when combined will provide you with a powerful tool set to complete your structural drawing in minutes instead of hours.

Structural Detailing Bundle Features

  • Structural Steel Shapes Utility
  • Steel Floor & Roof Deck Module
  • Bolts/Nuts/Washers Creator
  • Joist & Girder Series Add-On
  • Welding Symbols Package

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Let Steel Plus Draw It!

SteelPLUS Structural Steel Detailing Bundle, for AutoCAD dynamically creates what you need on the fly so theres no need to look for blocks or redraw your details. It contains a suite of detailing and drafting applications that work with each specific AutoCAD Release 2000 through AutoCAD 2016.

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An Entire Structural Steel Library – Your Ready to Roll!

This structural detailing package is ready to use just minutes after download. There’s no steep learning curves – everything is ready to use and easily accessible right from the start. You’ll have menus and simple dialog screens that are designed so that you can blaze through your entire project in no time at all.

This truly is a remarkable Structural Steel Detailing For AutoCAD. Simply pick and choose the length and size and sit back and watch it it do the work for you. The SteelPLUS Detailing Bundle offers everything you’ll need to be productive at steel detailing .

SteelPLUS 2D/3D Steel Detailing Bundle Includes:

SteelPLUS Structural Steel Shapes

Create structural steel shapes in plan, section, elevation or single line as required. Simple or complex shapes are made from a single non-segmented polyline.

Includes W-Shapes, channels, single/double angles, square & rectangular tubing, pipes, M, S, HP shapes and tees as listed in the AISC database. Optional metric databases included MAISC and CISC.


Creates Hex, Heavy Hex, and Square, bolts, nuts, washers, and bolt holes. Parametrically creates these shapes in plan or elevation views based on dimensional data from external ASCII data files.

Customize the output! – You may also add your own dimensional information on bolts or nuts that are unique to your specific application.

Steel Floor & Roof Deck

Steel Floor Deck creates narrow, intermediate and wide rib roof deck with your choice of insulation type and thickness. Create Steel Deck in AutoCAD 2D for details or 3D for presentations.

Features built-in intelligence: Each deck placement has valuable information for easy identification and recreation by selecting an existing one.

Joist & Girder Series

Draw a bar joist in 2D/3D elevation or section in seconds, not the usual 15 or 20 minutes for 2D … and who knows how long for 3D.

Bar joists are created as a 3D Solid simply by selecting an existing line representing the bar joist length and 3D placement within seconds. Creates Steel Joist K, VS, LH and DLH Series and Joist Girders.

Welding Symbols

Welding Symbols are based on ANSI/AWS specifications and give you complete control over every aspect of each symbol. The preferences dialog allows you to specific the physical dimensions, text heights and text fonts for the various symbol components

Add welding symbols to your drawing by creating them in an on-screen dialog before placement. Save symbol configurations to recall for later use, or in other drawings and other projects.

Plus These Structural Steel Databases

We provide you with three databases using both imperial and metric units:

  • AISC Structural Steel Database
  • MAISC Structural Steel Database
  • CISC Structural Steel Database

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