The Steel Shapes module is a structural add-on for AutoCAD that easily draws w-shapes, s-shapes, l-shapes, channels, , square & rectangular H tubing as listed in the AISI, AISC or ANSI database.

Steel Shapes Features

  • Create shapes in section as required.
  • Create simple or complex shapes made from a single non-segmented polyline.
  • Shapes are created as an AutoCAD block to keep file size minimized.
  • Easy to use pull down selection with dialog box.
  • All shapes are created with AISI, AISC or ANSI specs
  • Shapes are attached to cursor based on insertion point selected and rotated after placement.

The steel shapes included are:

  • 296 – Wide Flange (W) shapes from W4 x 13 to W44 x 335
  • 28 – I-Beam (S) shapes from S3 x 5.7 to S24 x 121
  • 28 – Channel (C) shapes from C3 x 4.1 to C15 x 50
  • 33 – Misc. Channel (MC) shapes from MC6 x 12 to MC18 x 58
  • 94 – Square Hollow (H) sections from H1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 30 x 5/8
  • 202- Rectangular Hollow (H) sections from H2-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 3/16 to H30 x 24 x 1/2
  • 277 – Pipe sections from 1/8 x Sch.5 to 60 x Sch.XH and 8 x Sch.XXH
  • 122 – Angle (L) shapes from L2 x L2 x 1/8 to L9 x 4 x 5/8

Steel Shapes operates using one main dialog that allows access to all shapes allowing multiple insertion points, layer, color and linetype control. In addition specify placement and rotation of the shape in your AutoCAD dtrawing.

Structural Shapes are drawn in accordance AISI, AISC or ANSI specifications. Steel shapes use structural standards and are drawn to scale.

All shapes are created from a single polyline and made into an AutoCAD block.