Mechanical Block Library Pro- Edition for Mechanical Engineering, Design and Drafting. Includes 11,559 CAD Symbols

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Mechanical Library Highlights

  • Mechanical fastener components and drafting symbols.
  • 2D Library of parts used in applications for (H)igh (ST)rength fasteners
  • Industry Standard Symbols for Hydraulic / Pneumatic System Diagrams
  • Industry Standard Symbols for Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning Practices.
  • Symbology for the description of welding operations as published by the AWS.
  • Mechanical System Design and Drafting used at NASA for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and Vehicle Support
  • Symbols used in the development of Mechanical System Diagrams for Aeronautical, Aerospace and Spacecraft applications.
  • Industry Standard Layout of drafting sheets and commonly used drafting symbols.

This Mechanical Library includes symbol indexing and more

Mechanical Symbols for AutoCAD

All of the Libraries have the geometric entities of the symbols and parts constructed on default layer (level) zero (0) or one (1) depending on the brand of CAD software used. For AutoCAD users, all entities in the libraries are assigned “bylayer” status. Every Library comes with a Custom designed Icon Dialog-Box Menu System.

User documentation is also included with each library. The help files walk you through how to load the block library, graphical symbol index pages and a filename with description listing. Don’t have AutoCAD? No problem.

Although all symbols and parts are supplied in DWG format, the libraries are also available in DXF and IGES formats – import them into most CAD programs.

These libraries are used by companies such as E.I. Dupont, Exxon, IBM, GM, General Electric, Ford, Siemens, Westinghouse, Eli Lilly, Disney, Unisys, NASA, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Honda, Phillip Morris, Martin Marietta, Abbott Labs, Hess Oil, Panasonic, AT&T, Motorola and thousands of others, large and small, WORLD WIDE.