Toolbox LT for 2000-2019 – allows you to create 3D models and run LISP within AutoCAD LT…plus more. Includes Express Tools for LT plus many Layer Tools.

Load & Run Lisp, ARX in LT

Plus Create 3D Objects

Cost effective solution to upgrade your AutoCAD LT to perform like standard AutoCAD. You can load and run your favorite Lisp utilities and ARX applications.

Using Toolbox you can extend your design and drafting capabilities with this AutoCAD LT. Allows you to design in 3D using solids and surface modeling techniques.

In addition you can shad and render plus import and manipulate graphic images on the fly. Toolbox LT also gives you the tools to create and manage drawing objects like never before.

Its unique object-authoring suite includes Block Manager, Hatch Manager, Linetype Wizard and Attribute Wizard. Now you can instantly publish intelligent block libraries, stunning hatch patterns and complex linetypes from existing drawing content. Optional one-click drawing schedules and cost estimates are also available.

Tools Included for AutoCAD LT

  • Load and run Lisp, ARX and DBX utilities and applications.
  • 3D modeler (surfaces and solids), editand 3D zoom, pan and orbit.
  • Express Tools style layer commands including match/isolate object’s layer.
  • Advanced shading including Gouraud for more realistic presentations.
  • Advanced image import, manipulation and clipping capabilities.
  • Create libraries containing 2D intelligent blocks and 3D models.
  • One-click creation of drawing schedules and cost estimates.
  • Includes hundreds of professionally drawn industry standard hatch patterns and complex linetypes.
  • Create stylish hatch patterns and complex linetypes automatically from almost any drawing objects.
  • Enables over 75 missing SYSTEM VARIABLES in AutoCAD LT