Kinematics software for AutoCAD to simulate motion of any 2D or 3D drawing. Now kinematics analysis simulation is easy in AutoCAD.

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Kinematics Software Features

  • Degrees of freedom analysis
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Collision Detection
  • Forward controlled Kinematics
  • Creates 3D and 2D motion
  • Degrees of freedom (DOF) analysis.
  • Generates GIF animations.
  • Generates motion paths.
  • Models up to 100 elements.
  • English Version available.
  • It includes the manual that is in HTML format.
  • Just updated for Autocad 2010

Mechanical design and motion simulation tool

Design complex mechanism and detect mistakes instantaneously with out a real mock-up. This software is a powerful extension of Autocad in the kinematics area. It is very useful for mechanical design and motion simulation.

How many times have you said: My drawing is finished but how can I see it working without translating it the to another complex application. This application had been designed to be easy and intuitive.

How this Kinematics software works

When you finish your drawing you must make a block of every piece in the model. So each solid or block becomes a rigid body. Then you have to draw a scheme of segments that describes the principal points of the model such as joins.

Each segment must be linked with the rigid body that it represents. At least the symbols of constrains like joins, motion, support should be included. With this information the application draws successive positions of the model.

The paths of special points could be drawn if needed. You can easily modify the model and run the application again for corrections or optimizations.