IsoMaker Pro contains a powerful set of useful tools which assists in the creation of isometric drawings. It converts 2D AutoCAD Entities into isometric entities. The graphical interface inside dialog box makes this program fast and easy to use.

Its primary function is to convert orthographic views into isometric views – but many other tools are also included such as a isometric fastener and isometric steel shapes utility.

IsoMaker-Pro, allows you to harness the power of AutoCAD for creation of complex isometric drawings with ease.

Overview Of Isomaker Pro

  • Converts 2D objects into isometric drawings
  • Includes various ISO tools from toolbar
  • Creates isometric fasteners & steel shapes

IsoMaker-Pro is fully integrated with AutoCAD and includes a setup and uninstall program.

Isometric Utilities Highlights:

  • Creates Isometric Fillets
  • Offsets Objects In ISO Mode
  • Draws Isometric Ellipses & Circles
  • Draws Isometric Elliptical Arcs
  • Includes ISO dimensioning
  • Creates Isometric Planes from 2D objects
  • Draws Isometric text as you type

Converts 2D AutoCAD Entities Into Isometric Entities

IsoPlane converts 2D objects to represent 3D objects, such as a cube in these views:

  • Left Isometric Plane
  • Right Isometric Plane
  • Top Isometric Plane

These ISO Bonus Tools Also Included!

Isomaker Pro also creates isometric fasteners & steel shapes by using an easy to use dialog driven interface.

The Fastener Library

The Fastener library allows you to create 2D entities or 2D isometric entities of assorted Nuts, Bolts, Screws and Washers. Select a standard fastener, thread style, other desired property, and click the OK button.

The Steel Shapes Library

The Steel Shapes library allows you to create 2D entities or 2D isometric entities of assorted Structural Steel Shapes.

Compatability Notes

  • Runs in AutoCAD 2000-2010 only
  • Sorry AutoCAD LT NOT supported