Inside IntelliCAD 2009 is book for users wishing to learn IntelliCAD 6.5 also called version 2009. The 198-page e-book is available in PDF format via email or on CD.

This IntelliCAD book contains material new to the progeCAD 2009 dialect of IntelliCAD, such as the new Google Earth support.

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Book features

  • Quick download
  • Dozens and dozens of tips.
  • Illustrations in full color.
  • Formatted for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper.
  • Margins designed for three-hole punching.

Inside IntelliCAD 2009 features

  • Step-by-step tutorials for starting new drawings
  • Includes example on seyting up drawing architectural plans
  • Tutorial on how to create symbols in the CAD System.
  • Guided tour of the software user interface.
  • Complete listing of toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse button actions.
  • Updated for progeCAD 2009
  • Updated screen grabs for Vista.
  • Comments on AutoCAD compatibility.

IntelliCAD Book Contents

1 welcome to intellicad

About This Book

2 the guided tour

Exploring the User Interface of IntelliCAD, Tip of the Day, Title Bar, Control Menu, IntelliCAD’s User Interface, Menu Bar, Control Menu, Toolbars, Entity Properties Bar, Drawing Area, Cursors, UCS Icon, Layout Tabs, Command Bar, Command Prompt, Prompt History Window, Prompt Boxes, Scroll Bars, Status Bar, Changing the Status Bar
User Input, Keyboard, Spacebar and Enter, Esc, Cursor Keys, Shortcut Keys, Mouse, First (Left) Button, Second (Right) Button, Roller Wheel, Tablet, Using Tablets with IntelliCAD, Commands Specific to Tablets

Coordinate Input, Vector Entities, Alternative Entity Specification, Specifying Coordinates, Keyboard Input, Specifying Coordinates, Point Filters, Direct Distance Entry, Units of Measurement

Mouse Input, Selecting Entities, Grips Editing, Multiple Entity Selection, Selection Set Modes

3 123+ intellicad tips

User Interface, Command Help, Screen, Command Bar, Prompt Box, Menus, Dialog Boxes, Toolbars, Status Bar, Dynamic Pan and Zoom

Drafting and Drawing, Creating Drawings, Information from the Drawing, Blocks, IntelliCAD Explorer, Other Drafting Tips, Editing, Selection Sets, UCS and WCS, Dimension Settings

Customizing and Programming, Command Aliases, Scripts, Menus, LISP

4 intellicad for autocad users

AutoCAD and IntelliCAD Share Similarities, User Interface Comparison, Comparison of Menu Bars, Comparison of Toolbars, Comparison of Status Bars, Comparison of Other User Interface Elements, Comparison of Right-click Menus

Commands and System Variables, Command Name Differences, Additional IntelliCAD Commands, Additional IntelliCAD System variables, Commands Enhanced in IntelliCAD, AutoCAD Commands Missing from IntelliCAD

Reading and Writing DWG Files, IntelliCAD-AutoCAD Dictionary, Customizing and Programming IntelliCAD, Folder Structure
Part II: Step-by-step Tutorial

5 introducing the boardwalk

About The Condominium Project

6 setting up new drawings

New Drawing Wizard, Alternative Method: Settings Dialog Box, Naming (and Saving) Drawings, Setting Limits, Specifying Snap and Grid Spacing, Toggling Ortho Mode, Selecting Entity Snap Modes, Calculating Scale Factors, Save As Template Drawing,

7 drawing exterior walls

Drawing Lines, Offsetting Lines, Trimming Lines

8 defining interior spaces

Creating Layers, About Layers, Layer Standards, Properties of Layers, Frozen Layers, ByLayer and ByBlock, Local Overrides, ExpLayers Command, Exploring the Explorer Window, Assigning Entities to Different Layers

Adding Interior Lines, Starting Offset Lines, Brute Force Method, Construction Line Method, Calculated Coordinates Method, Moved Entity Method4, Offset-Lengthen Method, Alternate Trim Strategy

9 printing drawings

Plotting, Basically (Print), Quick Prints (QPrint), Preview Prints (PPreview), Select the Printer (PSetup), Advanced Options, Layout Name, Use Settings, Scale/View Tab, Print Area, Entities to Print, Print to Scale, Pen Map/Width Tab, Map Properties, Advanced Tab, Header and Footer, Configuration File, Origin of Print Area, Other Options

Electronic Plotting (Export), SVG, DWF, Other Formats, eMail Drawings (Send Mail)

10 creating symbols

Create Door and Window Symbols, Step 1: Draw Door Symbols (Rectangle, Arc), Eighteen Ways to Draw an Arc, Step 2: Convert to Blocks (Block), Sharing Blocks (ExplBlocks), Step 3: Insert Blocks (Insert), Inserting Blocks Upsidedown, Add Window Blocks (Unit Blocks)

Insert Blocks from Disc, Obtain Blocks from the Internet, Symbol Sources on the Internet, One Letter Aliases

11 placing text

Placing Text (Text), Creating Styles (Font), Controlling Text Styles, Label Drawings (DText), Understanding Text Justification Modes, Editing Text (DDedit)

Borders and Title Blocks, Layout Drawings (MView), Paper Space Exercises (MSpace, PSpace), Place Paragraphs of Text (MText)

12 adding dimensions

Linear Dimensions (DimLinear), Dimensioning Drawings, Dimension Scale (DimScale), Dimension Styles (SetDim), Dimensioning Between Two Points, Continue Dimensions (DimContinue)

Other Methods of Measuring Drawings, Measuring Distances and Angles (Dist), Measuring Entities (List), Measuring Areas (Area)

13 interacting with google earth


a toolbars, menus, command shortcuts, aliases & buttons