With GlobalCAD Organizer 2018  you can create and manage blocks, attributes, hatch patterns and line types within AutoCAD, all within an easy to use dialog interface. GlobalCAD Organizer also works in Bricscad.

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  • Add blocks and hatch patterns individually from existing AutoCAD drawings or add them automatically by parsing local and network drives.
  • Hatch Manager ships with hundreds of industry standard patterns – you can also easily make your own AutoCAD hatch patterns .
  • Use the Linetype Wizard to quickly create complex linetypes using standard drawing entities, shapes, blocks and text.
  • Also includes an Attribute Wizard so that you can assign values to blocks and entities.

So try the free demo today and see how Block Manager create and manage blocks and design details … or demo the Hatch Manager to capture and extract hatch patterns directly from any drawing and import them into the AutoCAD / Bricscad Boundary Hatch dialog.