Need to create a office layout quickly and efficiently? You’re in luck! Introducing Office Layout – a fast and powerful AutoCAD add-on with one purpose in mind … to easily design any office space.

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Transparently integrates with AutoCAD

Use Office Layout as a tool for facilities management, space planning, office designers and glazed partition manufacturers. You’ll be amazed how much time this AutoCAD routine will save you.

  • Transparently integrates with AutoCAD 14-2012
  • Easy to use pull-down menu
  • Automatic fit panels
  • Automatic snapping for faster drawing
  • Automatic ID tags with attributes
  • 3 sizes of modular panels
  • 3 types of doors
  • 7 types of office furniture furnished in editable blocks
  • Each element gets it’s own unique layer.
  • Supports both Metric and Imperial (U.S.) units
  • Graphical Tutorial included.

So how do I design my office space layout?

The program will ask you for 2 points, or 1 point and a distance. Door swings are inserted automatically in partition openings. Single or double doors are then labels with an ID tag – its that simple!