Convert 2D AutoCAD entities into isometric entities with thickness and layer control. IsoMaker supports Full Autocad 2000 through the latest version.

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Converts Regular Entities Into Isometrics Entities

Convert Arcs, Circles, Lines, Solids and Text to isometric entities. Some entities (Blocks, Mtext, Polylines and Dimensions), must be exploded first. Dimensions must be exploded twice before the text will explode.

Makes Creating Isometrics Easy

Just Click and your done

Just choose options you need using a simple dialog box. The following parameters are available:

Make View

Choose your view: Top Right, Right Side and Left SidePick, Setss the desired isoplane using a simple radio button . The Previous setting is remembered for every time.

Make Layer

Creates a new layer then draws isometric entities on the layer specified.

Get Layer

Creates new isometric entities on an existing layer in your drawing.


Toggle this setting to “ON”, then define in a dimension for the parts thickness.

Trial Info

This shareware version contains the same tools as in the registered version. Multiple discounts available – please contact us!