Genesis Integral Object Designer is surface and solid modeling software for AutoCAD. It’s a 3D design tool to generate complex objects using only plane projections (2D view) of the design as input.

solid mesh addon for Autocad

Genesis IOD has the ability to create Meshes, Surfaces and Solid Entities that can be edited, cut, added, subtracted, and/or intersected with ease. The AutoCAD plug-in allows the design of exteriors and interiors for aeronautical, nautical, automobile, industrial and architectural design.

  • Genesis IOD works inside AutoCAD
  • Easily create Meshes, Surfaces and Solid Entities
  • Allows you to Edit, cut, add, subtracted and/or intersect with ease

Demo Example: Create a 3D Car with Genesis OID

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Genesis IOD is the surface modeling and solid modeling software for rapid prototyping from the scratch . It has a powerfull surface generation algorithm that allow also solid generation easy. With Genesis IOD get what you in-vision. Genesis IOD is a plug-in for AutoCAD 2007 -2010.