Batch Script Processor is a utility that will allow you to easily run any AutoCAD script file on multiple AutoCAD drawing files or DXF files. Batch Script Processor is the Ultimate AutoCAD scripting utility!

Scripts allow AutoCAD to run unattended thus permitting great productivity for repetitive operations like purging or plotting batches of drawings. If you have a process that you need to perform on a group of drawings, then Batch Script Processor is your solution!

batch script processing in AutoCAD

  • Use it to Batch Plot and Convert
  • Searches and performs on sub directories.
  • Autocad 2010 Compatibility
  • 64-bit Autocad Support
  • Newer Simplified Licensing

Batch Script Processor Features

  • Explorer-like navigation, tabbed interface, recently updated!
  • Check the results of your script line by line in AutoCAD and debug as needed. Quickly find errors in your script!
  • Enhanced script editor with syntax highlighting. Great for catching extra spaces, carriage returns, etc.
  • Easily create scripts for Batch Plotting, conversion, etc.
  • Drag-n-drop to create custom sort orders for file processing.
  • Quick Script Access: Have your own library of commonly used scripts available for quick access .
  • View logs for the entire process, or individual files
  • Save and Load commonly used groups of drawings for processing
  • Displayed status of all files: Error, Done, ToDo, etc.
  • Capture the script directly from the AutoCAD command line.
  • Recursively search directories.
  • Automatically abort drawing if the scripts takes too long.

Note: The download is a fully functional demonstration of Batch Script Processor, but it only processes 5 files at a time. Once you register, you will receive a code that will unlock the product and give you the full version.