Perform batch plotting in AutoCAD an simplifies the setup process every time you plot. Allow you to also capture reimbursable plot expenses for billing.

Reduce plotter setup time with Macros

Define “quick-key” macros for plot settings. Enter the “quick-key” command or pick from the menu. Batch plotting and single plots can use the same “quick-key” macros.

The time required to generate a plot is reduced to seconds by using plot macros (predefined plot settings). With this batch plot program you can instantly speed up the plotting process by eliminating the need to interact with the AutoCAD Plot command.

Plot using easy to use pulldown menus

  • Optionally require users enter a job number for billing and stamping
  • Project number filter allows you to optionally specify valid format for your project numbers
  • Project number filter uses AutoCAD standard wildcards
  • Two user-Customizable prompts, can be written to Plot billing log (example: [Check/Final]:)
  • Billing can use any Plot stamp attribute value for the Assign a project number default if needed

Batch plot in your Network too!

Dynamic Menus and configuration files can also be located on your network so that entire office has access to the same plotting interface. If you have a question about licensing, feel free to contact us anytime!

Plot Billing also included

Batch Plotting, Plot stamping, and Billing are all included features but can also be turned on if desired in your environment.

Billing also supports batch plots and single plots. By activating the billing feature, all plots are logged to comma-delimited file for easy invoicing to clients.

Very customizable and easy to setup

  • Full and half-size options are available to each plotter, plus choose between bond, vellum or multi-roll.
  • Plot stamp your plots with your job number and other information including filename, date, and time.
  • Use auto sheet size mode to save you paper by selecting the smallest sheet size available that your drawing will fit on.
  • Plot Scaling options are also intelligent – choose dimscale, half dimscale, and fixed scale options – all supported in either model space or paper space.
  • Batch plotting supports plotting individual layout tabs, all tabs, and special “non plotting” tabs.
  • Forward and reverse plot collating, sorted by filename and layout tab name during batch plotting can be enabled for specific plotters.
  • Records user who sent plot from AutoCAD “LOGINNAME” setvar or DOS environment variable

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