Introducing AutoCAD 2011 for the Mac!

Are you looking for whats new and what’s inside – AutoCAD for the Mac? This 138-page ebook gets you up to speed on the latest release of Autodesk – AutoCAD Mac Release. It also features more than 100 color illustrations.

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Answers your Mac questions…

This easy to read book, answers the questions like:

What’s special about the Mac version?
How does it differ from the Windows version?

This ebook also describes what is new in the Mac version of AutoCAD.
It introduces Mac computers and OS X operating system to Windows users.

AutoCAD Mac Book Features

  • Executive overview
  • Tour of the brand-new user interface
  • Commands new to AutoCAD for Mac
  • New Tool Sets, Content Manager, QuickView, Properties Inspector
  • New Fiberless technology, AutoCAD WS
  • New system variables for AutoCAD for Mac release
  • Customizing and programming AutoCAD for Mac
  • Supported, unsupported, and un-editable objects in DWG files
  • Alphabetical summary of new, changed, and missing commands
  • Installing and uninstalling AutoCAD on OS X
  • Windows-OS X cross-reference dictionary for new Mac users
  • More comprehensive content than marketing documents prepared by Autodesk

The AutoCAD for Mac Book is delivered to you in PDF format, which makes for great reading flexibility: view on-screen or print out on regular office paper. Quick, same-day delivery by email.

What’s Inside this book about AutoCAD Mac?

What’s In, What’s Out, Completely Missing, Partially Implemented, Limited Customization, User Interface Elements, Speed, The Multi-OS Future

Chapter 1 – Introducing AutoCAD for the Mac
From Autodesk Marketing, Introducing AutoCAD 2011 for Macintosh, Acad/Mac Release 1, Geometry, User Interface, AutoCAD User Interface Comparison, Import-Export, Management, Eye Candy, APIs, About Apple Mac Hardware, Hope for Release 2, AutoCAD LT for Macintosh, Autodesk’s Other OS X Software, Specific to OS X, Via Parallels and Boot Camp, Via Web, Via Browsers, Via iOS, System Requirements, How to Install AutoCAD on a Macintosh Computer

Chapter 2 – Changes to the User Interface
Controlling Palettes, Menu Bar, Tool Sets, Switching Tool Sets, Minimizing Tool Sets, Accessing Groups, Dropdowns, Customizing Tool Sets, Drawing Windows, Window Controls, Viewport Controls, Missing From The Drawing Window, New Display Control System Variables, Notifications, Command Line, Command Line Controls, Status Bar, Customizing The Status Bar, Three-D Status Bar, Layers Palette And Properties Inspector, Layers Palette, Basic Layer Operations, Changing Layer Properties, Modifying Layer Settings, Properties Inspector, Current Properties, Layer Properties, Content Palette, Managing Blocks, Managing Content Libraries, Related Commands And System Variables, Quickview Dialog Box, Previewing Drawings, Previewing Layouts

Chapter 3 – New and Changed Commands and System Variables
Drafting And Editing, Array, Hatch & Gradient, Mledit, Blocks, Bedit & -Bedit, Insert, Content & Contentclose, Attdef, Text, Mtext, Style, Tables, Table, Tablecontext, Tablecontent & Cellcontent, Miscellaneous, Parameters & Parametersclose, Purge, Properties, Properties & Layers, Linetype, Lweight, Viewing, Layout, Quickview & Qview, View, Plotting, Plot, Expanding The Plot Dialog Box, Plot Preview, Plotting To File, No Editing Of Plot Style Tables, PCM Files Incompatible With PC3 Files, 3D Modeling And Rendering, Meshoptions & Meshprimitiveoptions, Render, Files And Settings, File Operations, New, Open & Save, Attachments And Underlays, Attach, Classicimage, Classicxref & Externalreferences, Importing And Exporting, Import & Export, Options, Options (Preferences), 3dconfig

Chapter 4 – Customization and Programming
Customizing Acad/Mac, Customization — What’s In, Aliases, CUI, GUI, hatch patterns, Linetypes, Options, Shapes, Startup Switches, Customization — What’s Out, CUI, GUI, Programming Acad/Mac, Programming – What’s In, AutoLISP, Diesel, ObjectARX, Scripts, VL, Programming – What’s Out, Action Macros, ActiveX, ADS, COM, DCL, .Net, VBA, VisualLISP, VLX, VSTA, How Fiberless Technology Affects LISP and ObjectARX, The Replacements for Fiber, The New (command-s) Function, The New ARX -s and -C Functions, Applications Are Stored in App Files, Support File Locations, User Local Folder, user Roaming Folder, Applications Resources Folder, CUI, Customizing Command Macros, Adding Command Macros, Customizing Menus, Customizing Tool sets, Finding Commands, How to Customize Keystrokes using OS X.

Chapter 5 – Drawing File Issues
Opening Unsupported Objects, Unsupported Objects, Underlays, Point Clouds, OLE Objects, Hyperlinks, Uneditable Objects, Dynamic Blocks, Plot Style Tables, Multiline Styles, Workarounds, How to Transfer Files between Windows and OS X

Appendix A – Alphabetical Summary of New, Changed, and Missing Commands
Blogs About AutoCAD for the Mac

Appendix B – Alphabetical Summary of New System Variables

Appendix C – Keyboard Shortcuts
Command Keys, Missing Shift Modifiers (temporary Overrides), AutoCAD for Windows Keystroke Emulation, Keyboard Icons, Finding Missing Apps & Documents

Appendix D – Macintosh OS X for Windows Users
BootCamp (Drive Partitioning), Parallels (Desktop Sharing)

Appendix E – Windows – OS X Dictionary

Appendix F – The AutoCAD for Mac Interview