Architectural blocks and symbols for many CAD Apps, plus ACAD R13 thru 2010 and ACAD LT 97 thru 2010!

This page features the Architectural Blocks bundle for CAD / AutoCAD. We also have other Block Bundles available plus a complete listing of each library that can be purchased individually!

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Architectural Design Bundle for Architects

This is a broad based and extensive collection of symbols that are applicable to Architectural (A/E/C) design and drafting.

The library includes: door swings, north arrow, trees, landscaping, sinks, bathtubs, tables, sofa, ceiling fan, refrigerator, wall details, door frames, eaves, windows, stair details, electrical symbols.

Also includes these block libraries!

  • Blocks containing Industry Standard Layout of drafting sheets and commonly used drafting symbols for setting up a new drawing.
  • Library containing 40 different 2D and 3D Trees and Shrubs. Includes tree symbols, tree blocks, palm trees, elevation view, plan view, indoor plants, evergreens, pine trees, landscaping symbols.
  • Library which includes symbols of over 65 people children, female and male – all modeled in many orientations and dress. Architectural figures are in elevation and plan view.
  • Includes Civil engineering blocks library, civil details – includes manholes, inlets, pipes and ponds.
  • Contains library built to US Dept. Of Transportation Standards which incldes road and traffic control signs, road signage, handicap, arrows, parking and site plan symbols.
  • Also ships with a plumbing library which includes sinks, shower stalls, tubs, lavatories, showers, bathtubs and other plumbing fixtures.
  • A library of model human figures for wheelchair, ergonomic design plus various handicap figures also included.
  • Contains library of over 20 types of transportation vehicles. It includes cars, trucks, vans, motor cycles, bicycles and cargo objects.
  • Includes HVAC block library which includes for heating, ventilating and air conditioning symbols, ducting patterns and more.
  • Also contains an electrical library including plan outlet symbols and switches, computer terminals, communication services, calling devices, wiring schematics, rack and panel devices and other schematic symbols.
  • In addition a fire protection library which includes fire protection, sprinklers, plus risk analysis and fire fighting operations symbols.
  • Symbols for home protection, including fire alarms, access control panels, surveillance, communications, lighting and electrical.
  • Symbology sets used for annotating Railroad Maps and Land Profile and Use identificatio & mapping diagram blocks.
  • A set of symbols of marinecraft. It includes oil-tankers, cargo vessels, sailboats, ferries, yachts and other crafts.
  • Symbols of commercial and private aircraft manufactured by Boeing, Piper and other aircraft, helicopter symbol and airplanes blocks.
  • Library of AISC steel shapes, which includes end, top and side views for all types. Also includes steel beams, steel beam section, side views, rivets and various shapes.
  • 2D Symbols of ASTM A-325 and A-490 hardware and washers and includes bolts, nuts, top view, size view, washer side, end, top views.
  • Library contains all AISC steel shapes in 3D. Includes 3d steel beams, shapes, rivets, 3d beam library.

These architectural blocks include symbol indexing and more

This architectural library comes with a custom designed icon dialog-box menu system so that you can located the block you need quickly.

User documentation is also included with each library. The help files walk you through how to load the block library, graphical symbol index pages and a filename with description listing. Don’t have AutoCAD? No problem.

Although all symbols and parts are supplied in DWG format, the architectural libraries are also available in DXF and IGES (standard CAD formats) and can be easily import into most CAD programs.

Please note that all the symbols and parts constructed on default layer (level) zero (0) or one (1) depending on the brand of CAD software used. if you are in AutoCAD users, all block entities are assigned to a “bylayer” status.

These block libraries are used by companies such as E.I. Dupont, Exxon, IBM, GM, General Electric, Ford, Siemens, Westinghouse, Eli Lilly, Disney, Unisys, NASA, US Army, Navy, Air Force, Honda, Phillip Morris, Martin Marietta, Abbott Labs, Hess Oil, Panasonic, AT&T, Motorola…. and many more.